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I am finally getting back into the swing of blogging, now that summer is over.  Boo! 

I was a little depressed that I didn't manage to finish the last three things on my Revised Project List for summer (paint & decorate entry way, paint & decorate dining room, & make & hang morning room curtains).  Two out of three of those projects have been started, but the results were less than desirable! 

My mom made curtains for the morning room & we hung them, but I didn't like the finished product.  I ordered more fabric, which arrived yesterday, so I'm hoping that if I add another panel that it will look better.  Also, we made our own curtain rods, & I don't like them either, so something will have to be done about those!

We also started painting the entry way.  I spent an entire day painting all of the walls of our entry, upstairs hallway, & downstairs hallway to determine that the paint color I chose looked the color of foundation (the makeup).  {Excuse the interruption, but my daughter just informed me she made a "yogurt sandwich".  Grrr...}  Anyway, I have managed to make a few changes to the entry way, but I still need to paint, find a new rug, and recover a stool.  Oh, and my husband agreed that we should add wainscoting and arch the entryway into our living room!  So, it looks like this project just got bigger!  Hopefully, we can get started soon!

With all these set backs, plus not having my teacher-husband around to help anymore, plus taking on a babysitting job, I haven't been able to get back into the routine of blogging or doing projects to blog about.  All this is just to say, that while I was having my blogging pity-party, I was featured on a few blogs that I never shared with you.  I always appreciate it when my projects are featured on other blogs, & didn't want these ladies to go unnoticed!   

First, Andie at Crayon Freckles featured the nature playscape we created to get our kids out of the house & into nature.  (Doesn't the Dinosaur Train guy say something like that???)  Anyway, Andie has been so kind to me in my blogging adventure & I always appreciate her kind words!  She hosts a link party on Tuesdays & shares a lot of creative ideas to do with your kiddos.  You can see where she featured the playscape here.


Next, Amanda from Serenity Now featured my roundup of homemade laundry supplies.  I am feeling very proud of my clean laundry lately, knowing that I made all the supplies for it!  Amanda's blog is full of posts about everything "moms" need to stay sane!  She posts about food, fashion, blogging, crafts, decorating, and more!  She hosts a weekend link party on Fridays.  You can see the post where she featured my laundry supplies here.

 Featured At Serenity Now

My most recent feature was made by Nan at Playful Decor, who featured my daughter's bedroom.  I am a new follower of Nan's blog, in which she shares the transformation of their home and great inspiration pictures of nurseries and kid bedrooms.  She also hosts a link party on Tuesdays for kids' bedrooms, where you'll find a lot of great inspiration!  Here is a link to her post featuring Eliana's bedroom.

Thanks for the features!  I should be back Monday with another project to share!



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