Family Room Challenge: DIY Coffee Table

When we purchased new sofas earlier this year, I decided to forego the loveseat & just purchase two identical sofas.  With the two sofas in place, our small coffee table no longer worked in the arrangement.  We needed something bigger that would be accessible from both couches.  Since my online searches were getting me nowhere & this makeover is on a pretty tight budget, we decided to build our own coffee table. 

A few weeks ago, Shelley, from Crazy Wonderful built her own coffee table & I loved the style!  Since she hasn't gotten around to a tutorial, I decided to create my own by combining plans from AKA Design & Ana White that I had already pinned to my Family Room board.

We decided to make our table 45x44 inches & began by following the plan from AKA Design.  We used 2x2 pieces of pine to build the base & screwed them together for stability (instead of nailing, which the plan mentions). 

Coffee Table Base

Once the base was put together, we screwed our 2x4 boards to the top (screws went in from the bottom).

DIY Coffee Table

We added an X on two of the four sides using Ana White’s plan as a guide.  We screwed each end part of the X into the base & nailed & screwed the middle pieces together.

X Base Coffee Table

We were pretty happy with the table at this point.  Some of the wood was pretty rough, so Mark used an orbital sander to smooth everything out.  We filled in our screw holes with stainable wood filler & I created my own stain from Minwax Early American & Ipswich Pine stains.  I used about 2 parts Ipswich Pine to 1 part Early American.  I followed the stain with three coats of matte polyurethane & Mark added some L brackets in each corner of the front & back base for added stability.

DIY X Base Coffee Table

We are first focusing on building & tweaking our furniture for the room, so I just grabbed what I could find to try & style the coffee table!  Hopefully, it will look better for the final reveal! 

Coffee Table Top

Once all the furniture is finished we will move on to painting the walls, trimming out the windows, & accessorizing.  Click here to see the plan for the room.

DIY Coffee Table  

I am so happy with how this coffee table turned out!  We are starting to work on tweaking the entertainment center so hopefully that will be smooth sailing too!  I'll be back to share more on that next week!

Week One:  Before & A Plan

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