Morning Room Challenge: Curtains & Chairs

Yikes! We have quickly come to week five of the One Room Challenge hosted by Linda of Calling It Home. I have just one more week to finish up a few projects in the morning room & reveal it on the blog. Here's what happened so far:

Last week the room saw no progress, as I took a break to work on these:

My kids have been plotting this "happy meal" theme for almost a year! Evie, my youngest, desperately wanted to be princess Anna, so she became the happy meal toy (although several friends thought she was representing "Wendy's").

Anywho, this week did see some progress, although not as much as I had hoped for...

I removed the bottom seams from the curtains to lengthen them, since they were several inches too short & then we hung them up.

You can tell by the crease in the above picture just how much extra length ripping the seams gave me. It was probably a good three inches!

On Sunday, I started the painstaking process of refinishing 6 chairs I found on Craigslist. You may not be able to tell from the pictures, but they were disgusting! The foam in the seats had totally disintegrated & they sprinkled yellow dust whenever they were touched.  


They look much better after sanding & painting them & replacing the seats cushions.

The great thing about these chairs is that they are less bulky than our old ones, allowing us to fit six chairs along the sides. I also appreciate the lower profile of the chair backs, since the taller backs on the old chairs hindered the view out the windows.


As you can see from the list below (or the picture above), I still have one pretty big project to complete for the room-- refinishing the table. Blech! I am not looking forward to that one! 

The Plans
1. Replace the small "buffet" with a white Ikea Malm dresser.
2. Add trim around the windows.
3. Replace the curtains.
4. Re-finish the table in a darker stain to minimize the "orange-y oak" look.
5. Replace the chairs with two different styles.
6. Give the secretary a makeover in the form of black paint.
7. DIY artwork
8. Add new lamps & accessories to provide cheerful pops of color.
Be sure to visit the rest of the One Room Challenge Makeovers! 



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