Tween Boy's Bedroom Reveal

As I mentioned last week, my son's room is finally finished!

In my goals for the year, I was hoping to re-decorate my older kids' bedrooms. After upgrading our growing boy to a full-sized bed, the design was no longer working.

My goal was to create a lighter, brighter, more functional room with plenty of storage for all Zeke's collections, as well as a place for him to get away from his two younger sisters to read or study. I began the process on my son's room right after his eleventh birthday at the beginning of February, by first coming up with a plan & creating a mood board to help me picture the end result.

Other than the desk & chair, I would say the final product is a good reflection of the original plan.  We got started by removing the chair rail & painted over the dark, orange walls with a much lighter, reflective paint color, Toasted Almond.

The dresser was a Craigslist find that I found a few years ago.  I was trying to re-do this room on a very tight budget, so we ended up building the mirror above it, since I couldn't find one big enough in my price range.

I topped the dresser with a cheap tray from Hobby Lobby & some free printables I found online.

In the corner, I placed a Craigslist chair (the pillow is from Ikea) & we made the letter Z marquee & the faux Roman blinds.

To the left of the window, I created a unique gallery wall, featuring a lot of my son's collections (shark teeth, state quarters, rocks, & shells) along with a couple of printables & an owl he made in art class.

The most recent addition to Zeke's bedroom was the DIY rustic, upholstered headboard we built.  I didn't take any pictures of the process, so I will quickly describe it.  Basically, we cut a piece of 3/4 plywood to size (27"x58") & layered 2 pieces of a foam mattress pad on top of it (a couple of inches smaller than the plywood). Then, we covered it with a canvas drop cloth by stapling it in the back.

I stained 3" pine boards Early American color by minwax & we nailed them to the upholstered plywood, flush with the sides.  We made the two side pieces 48" long, so they would screw into the bed frame. We also reinforced the pine boards by screwing them in from the back of the headboard.

The entire process only took a couple of hours & turned out quite nicely if I do say so myself!

Above the bed, we hung a vintage roll-down map I found a few years ago on a local auction site. We flanked it with two Ikea Rast dressers. Links to the bedding can also be found here. The green pillow fabric came from JoAnn's-- I'm not sure what it's called.


We made use of the small wall between the two doors by adding some shelves to hold more of Zeke's things.


  Because of the tight space, we built a pull-down desk and an upholstered stool below the shelves.

 It's not the prettiest thing to look at, but I love how much space it saves & it's functionality.

Overall, this space is much better suited for Zeke.  It offers plenty of storage & fits his personality well, since most of the decor consists of his collections & artwork.  Hopefully, it will last him a long time!


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