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When I started thinking about putting together a list of the top projects on this blog for 2012, I wondered if I even accomplished ten “good” projects this year!  After going through all the posts from the year, I was pleasantly surprised to find some great posts I had forgotten about!  So, in case you are new to the blog, or would just like a re-cap of the year, here are the ten most viewed posts published in 2012:

Tips for Installing Chair Rail & Wainscoting

In this post I went into detail about how we installed the chunky chair rail & faux wainscoting in our entry & hallway.  When we started this project we had a hard time figuring out how big to make the boxes, how much space to put between them, & how to handle awkward angles.  Hopefully, this post will make it easier for anyone installing chair rail & wainscoting.


Adding Storage In a Tiny Bathroom

We decided to take advantage of vertical wall space to add storage in our small half bathroom.  This post gives a quick tutorial for how we built the floating shelves above the toilet.


Handy Half Bath

Here you will find pictures of the finished half bathroom, once the shelves were styled, artwork was hung, and new accessories were added.


The Entryway

The entryway had been in the works since 2011, but after a couple of bad paint choices, procrastinating on painting the 18-foot ceilings, and a last minute decision to add chair rail and faux wainscoting, it didn’t get “finished” until January of 2012.  Clicking the link above will take you on a tour of the space.


More Molding

We decided to add more chunky chair rail and faux wainscoting in the dining room.  This post shows how we did it & answers a few more questions that came up.


Creating An Outdoor Fire Pit

Our backyard has a huge slope to it.  When we realized there was a small flat area near the end of the hill, we decided to take advantage of it & create a fire pit area.  I handed this project over solely to my husband and eight-year-old son.  This post is a play-by-play of how they did it.

Creek Stone Patio

So Fa-ortunate

I was so excited to purchase the Carmen Sofa from Pier One, that I showed it off in this post!  I guess many of you liked it too, since it made the top ten!


The Nursery

The nursery was finally revealed a little after Evalyse turned three months old!


The Dining Room

I’m so glad to have the dining room finished up!  I am still liking the clean, traditional-modern look it has going!


Stylish Storage

Last on the top ten list were the inconspicuous storage solutions I used for all the bathroom accessories filling our open shelving.  The system is still working great! 


A few of my favorite projects from the year didn’t make the top ten, but lucky for you, I’m sharing them again anyway!

Toy Troubles

Now that Evalyse is mobile, I needed a space to stash all the big kids’ hazardous toys from her awesome pincer grasp!  Not wanting to have to worry about the mess or danger on the main floor & not wanting them to be able to play in their rooms when they are supposed to be “calming down”, I decided to repurpose this linen closet (between their rooms) for their toys.


Glamorous Gold

After a couple of coats of gold spray paint, I am loving the addition of this coffee table to our living room!  (Now to finish the rest of the room…)


Black & Gold Chalkboard Gallery Wall

Painting this nook with chalkboard paint and adding gold accessories added drama & gave the space some personality.


Well, that’s the best I have for 2012!  Next week I hope to post my goals for the year.  This time, I will really try to be reasonable!

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