The Best of 2014

It's always fun to look back over the past year & see which posts & projects were hits.  Here are the reader favorites from 2014:

10.  More Progress in the Family Room

It's no surprise to me that most of my popular posts were a result of my family room makeover.  This post featured a hodge podge of projects from painting the walls, to refinishing furniture, & creating free artwork!

9.  Updated Pictures of our Gray & Coral Kids' Bathroom

So, having this post on the list sort of feels like cheating!  I did nothing to this bathroom, except take slightly better photos & put them in a new post.  Santa brought me a fancy, new camera this year, so hopefully the blog pictures will improve!

8. Styling a Round Table

When I was in the process of making over our living room, I had a heck of a time figuring out how to style our round accent table.  Apparently, many of you struggle with that too, since it made this list!  I loved this table so much that I actually bought one like it for my family room (you can see it in the first photo).

7. DIY Coffee Table

When we purchased two full-sized couches, our small rectangular coffee table no longer worked with the furniture configuration.  My husband & I built this much larger, prettier table in just a few hours, for about $50.

6. Mirrored Console Cabinet

This is one of my favorite DIYs to date!  Not only is it a great place to stash throw blankets & toys, it is pleasant to look at as well!  Surprisingly, the glass is still in tact (knock on wood) & I haven't had to clean fingerprints off the glass once!

5. Perking Up the Powder Room

I am so glad I made the decision to paint the floating shelves in our powder room.  I really like how the space is brighter & the semi-gloss paint makes wiping globs of toothpaste on the shelves much easier.

4. Tweaking the Entertainment Center

This is another project I am so proud of!  We completely made over our existing entertainment center by separating the pieces, adding doors to the bookshelves, & painting the middle section black.  Okay, so it wasn't as simple as I just made it sound, but it was a relatively inexpensive project, with big impact, & lots of storage.  Maybe someday I'll be brave enough to show off the insides of the cabinets!

3. Basement Storage Shelves

I honestly cannot believe these storage shelves came in at number three.  They are not very pretty to look at, but they pack a lot of punch in the storage department.

2. Revealing the Living Room

I'm pretty sure I started this living room makeover in 2011, & am happy to say that three years later, I finally finished it!  I am so happy I took it slow & I absolutely love the outcome.

1. Family Room Reveal

With half of my popular posts coming from our family room makeover, it should come as no surprise that the most popular post of the year was the big family room reveal.  I love spending time with my family in this room & it's relieving to know that a clutter free room is only a few minutes away, with all the closed storage we now have!

Seeing all these projects makes me feel like I accomplished quite a bit around the house this year!  What was your favorite post?  I'll be sharing some of my favorites that didn't make the list on Wednesday.


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